Biden Tries A Bait & Switch: Cancels The Nations Largest Domestic Oil Sale Then Makes Audacious Claim

Biden told Americans that his domestic energy policies are not to blame for the rising cost of oil.

Well, two days after Russia invaded Ukraine he killed 1.7 million Acres of oil and gas leases.

An offshore oil and gas lease sale approved during the Trump administration was the largest sale in the nation’s history. However, the Biden administration decided not to fight a court ruling and let the sale expire crippling domestic oil production in America for the next five years.

Biden and his buddies at the White House told the Washington Post they are glad the sale didn’t go through:

The government’s position is not especially surprising. The Interior Department’s environmental analysis justifying the auction was completed under the Trump administration and Biden officials actually did not want to hold the lease sale. Shortly after taking office, President Biden suspended new oil and gas drilling on lands and waters owned by the federal government. But after a Louisiana judge struck down the moratorium last summer, administration officials said they were forced to go through with the sale in November.

After the ruling Joe just let the clock run out meaning the sale can’t even go up for approval for another five years.

“To be sure, Interior may decide to hold lease sales in the Gulf of Mexico that put up for sale the same blocks offered in the November 17, 2021, sale,” a Department of Interior court filing said. “But that possibility is pre-decisional and speculative at this time, as there will not be a new leasing program in place after June 30 until Interior adopts a new five year program.”

Biden is trying to pull a bait and switch but Americans aren’t buying it. Two recent polls found that 70% of Americans want Joe to increase domestic oil drilling.

One poll from the Associated Press found that 90% of Americans want the USA to be energy independent using all methods of energy production.  Additionally, a Rassmussen poll reported that 70% of likely voters in the United States want Biden to increase domestic oil production.


Biden continues to find himself on the wrong side of every issue.