Biden Aides ADMIT Sleepy Joe Using “Strange Rituals” To Keep Himself Safe…

The White House is very nervous about Joe Biden catching COVID.

In fact, Biden’s people are doing everything in their physical power so that he does not catch the virus besides keeping him in a plastic bubble. They have the Ole’ Joe sitting ten feet away from people instead of the standard six feet that has been placed on the rest of us.

Biden’s handlers even went as far as to only give him a glass of water in a recent meeting so that no one else could take off their masks.

Though the reason that they are acting this obsessively is not purely based on keeping Biden healthy.

The real reason is that the staffers are more concerned that if he were to become infected with COVID it would show that the vaccine is ineffective and will overshadow his original plan to “shut down” the virus.


Is anyone really surprised by that?

According to Daily Mail, when President Joe Biden met with U.S. governors at the White House on Monday, he was the only one given a glass of water – lest anyone else remove their mask to take a drink.

The president was seated more than 10 feet from everyone, including Vice President Kamala Harris and members of his Cabinet.

A White House staffer who was wearing a surgical mask when Biden entered the room was quickly handed an N95 version.

These are just some of the extraordinary efforts on the part of the White House to keep the president from getting COVID-19, even though he’s gotten both of his regular vaccinations and his booster.

It’s no surprise that unusual steps are taken to protect any president.

The strict precautions also threaten to undermine the Biden administration’s own efforts to Americans – especially those who are now vaccinated and boosted – that they can get on with something closer to their normal lives in the face of the omicron wave.


It’s symbolic of the messaging challenges surrounding the administration’s approach to COVID-19 as the virus becomes endemic, familiar, and somewhat controlled but still menacing, with hard-to-follow guidelines often unevenly implemented.

For months, Biden aides have fretted that the people who are most protected against COVID-19 remain the most cautious, a dynamic they view as a drag on the nation’s economic and psychological recovery.

The real reason this administration is so afraid of the virus is not for health reasons, it’s all political.

That seems to be a common theme with this bunch, doesn’t it?

And if the vaccine worked, why would they be doing all this?