Ben Shapiro: “My State Is So Stupid” [Video]

California Senator Thinks More Illegals Should Apply For Finacial Aid?

Kamala Harris fires out this ludicrous tweet about how sad it is that there have been less illegal immigrants applying for financial aid each year? Boohoo.  Senator Harris contributes this decline in applicants to President Trump’s anti-[illegal] immigrant stance.

She goes so far as to state that ‘no one in America Should fear our government’. Really? Does that include terrorists, criminals here illegally or people who just want to drain a financially bleeding system? Where is the line drawn in which we stop trying to support those who have no intention of becoming legal citizens and we start putting those efforts into the legal citizens we have?

Ben Shapiro appeared on Fox News to apologize for his ‘stupid state’ and calls out the financial crisis that California wants to ignore. Take a look.

“For the second year in a row, fewer undocumented youth applied for financial aid in California because they are distrustful of our government. This is a direct product of Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda. No one in America should ever have to live in fear of our government.”


As Reported By Nick Givas with The Daily Caller:

“My state is so stupid. I’m sorry, I’ve lived my entire life in California, it’s so dumb,” Shapiro said Tuesday on “Fox & Friends.” “Kamala Harris’ statement here is what California really needs is to shell out more dollars for financial aid for illegal immigrants.”

Harris’ tweet said illegal immigrants weren’t asking for state assistance due to President Donald Trump’s “anti-immigrant agenda.”

“According to FAIR which is an anti-illegal immigration group, their estimate is that California spends $23 billion a year on illegal immigration,” Shapiro added. “That’s twice as much than any other state in the union. Yet Governor Jerry Brown has said that all illegal immigrants are not only welcome in the state of California, but we are going to subsidize them to be in the state of California.”

Shapiro said U.S. citizens should be offended by the idea of paying for illegal immigrants to live in America and believes Harris’ rhetoric only serves to weaken the country’s sovereignty.

“If you are a legal resident of the United States, if you’re here legally, then you should be upset with the idea of subsidizing people to come here illegally, if you are interested at all in having a sovereign country that controls its borders,” he said. “It’s pure insanity, but it shows once again that for Democrats there is an actual look to make illegal immigration more prominent. They want more illegal immigrants, not fewer illegal immigrants. Which explains a lot of their behavior on immigration bills that have come up for consideration.”

Shapiro also said California would be better served spending money to help the homeless in their state, as opposed to subsidizing those who have broken federal law.

“Obviously most of homeless people in California are not illegal immigrants, but those people obviously could use resources that the state is not providing. And the state is not providing those because the state of California is bankrupt,” Shapiro concluded. “According to estimates we have over one trillion dollars in outstanding debt. So the idea we’re going to be spending $23 billion a year on people who should not be in the country legally and then we should be mourning the fact that we are not spending more. Again we have citizens in this country where, I’m not in favor of a lot of this government spending, but if you’re going to have it at least spend it on the people who are here legally.”