Amidst Vegas Shooting Aftermath Rep. Scalise Stands Behind The Right To Bear Arms

Rep. Scalise, On The Vegas Massacre: Gun Control Bills “Wouldn’t have Done Anything To Stop This.”

Scalise Goes on to say that the Gunman in this incident had passed all of his background checks and legally obtained his weapons. “Every single day in America regular citizens…use guns to protect themselves against criminals.”

People may say that he doesn’t get it. He hasn’t been under fire before. Earlier this year Rep Scalise, The House Majority Whip, was shot in the hip. The incident took place at a Republican congressional baseball game.  The deranged man targeted Republicans because he was upset that Trump had won the election.

Even after going through the hellacious incident that is being fired upon and shot. As well as the grueling pain from the followup of surgeries, and physical therapy, he doesn’t blame Guns. He puts the blame where it belongs on mental health. A stable person doesn’t go around killing people.

Rep. Scalise brought up how Congress has addressed this issue by passing a bill called the 21st Century Cure Act which is intended to help those with mental illnesses. The bill also created a new position with the HHS. (The Department of Health and Human Services) The Assistant Secretary for Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders. All in hopes to better the public and hopefully prevent further incidents.

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As Reported By The Story with Martha MacCallum, Fox News

He said that in contrast, attention is never paid to incidents where a civilian with a legally-obtained firearm prevents a mass casualty attack thanks to the right to bear arms.

Scalise also said that Congress has made strides in attending to mental health issues, which he said could also be the root of attacks like both the one that wounded him and the Las Vegas massacre.

The House Majority Whip made an emotional return to Capitol Hill last week.