A Frustrated Joe Starts Yelling Again, ‘This Is The USA Dammit!’

The losses keep piling up and Joe biden can no longer hid his frustration. A normal person would reevaluate  and change course but not Joe Biden. The man is the Titanic going full steam into an iceberg of reality.

Biden traveled to Scranton, PA to try and get momentum for his Build Back, Better bill which is falling apart.

The president didn’t get the welcome he had hoped for:

Biden tried to keep his cool during the speech however toward the end his emotions got the better of him and he started yelling.

Joe told a story about people trying to get internet service and traveling to McDonalds parking lots during the school closures during the 2020/2021. What Biden didn’t mention was that it was blue state governors and teachers unions stopping children from returning to school in the fall of 2020.

“This is the United States of America, dammit!” Biden shouted. “What are we doing?”

Biden also mocked President Trump attacking him for not passing an infrastructure bill.

“Last four years you’d hear every month is, you know, infrastructure month,” Biden says. “Didn’t do a single damn thing. Nothing. I mean, nothing for four years.”

The president should take a good look in the mirror his party has complete control in Washington and they can’t pass a bill.

Biden then whined about the good old days when he was friends with Republicans while he was in the Senate.

“I got on pretty well in the Senate for all those years. A lot of Republicans friends as well as Democratic friends. For real. … We used to travel a lot,” Biden recalled.

Follow by another senile trip down memory lane and his trips on the train. By the way, is anyone else tried of hearing about these freaking Amtrak trips? We get it Joe, you took the train.

“I remember riding the trolly,” he said, recalling his childhood before his family moved to Delaware. “I lived at the end of the line.”

Apparently, he wants everyone to take the train everywhere because he wants to ban automobiles.

“We will take, literally, millions of automobiles off the road,” he said.

You can watch Joe yell below:

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