Joe Blindsided: Company He Praised For Enforcing Mandate Does A 180

Recently, Southwest airlines came to a crawl and it was speculated it was because staff was protesting the companies vaccine mandate. The airline claimed it was weather causing them to cancel flights however no other airlines were affected. From the White House to the mainstream media we were told there was no walk outs or employee push back over the vaccine mandate.

Joe Biden made brief remarks lecturing the unvaccinated and praising the company for stopping “misinformation.”

Not long after the flight delays hundreds of Southwest employees protested outside the companies headquarters demanding the company remove the mandate.

After the sickouts that supposedly never happened and the protest Southwest has backtracked and will not put workers on unpaid leave that request an exemption.

The airline announced that people who have chosen not to receive the vaccine will not lose their jobs.

From CNBC:

Southwest Airlines has scrapped a plan to put unvaccinated employees who have applied for but haven’t received a religious or medical exemption on unpaid leave as of a federal deadline in December.

Southwest Airlines, Delta Airlines, and American Airlines are not imposing a vaccine mandate on their employees. American Airlines was the first to announce in late summer that they would never impose a mandate. Delta Airlines soon followed however United Airlines gleefully fired over 200 unvaccinated employees a few weeks ago.

Biden is seeking to impose a vaccine mandate enforced through OSHA for companies that have more than 100 employees. The pushback against mandates is growing and it is expected that the rule will be challenged immediately and most likely be found unconstitutional.

The media is using colorful language to clean up Southwest’s decision but this is another huge blow to the Biden administration.

Biden also got some more bad news, CNN can no longer cover up how unpopular he is and admitted Joe approvals ratings are in the trash. If CNN has Joe at 44% we can only imagine what it really is.