Special Counsel Mueller Is Compromising Our Safety!

There is a ton of strain on the relationship between Russia and America. Special Counsel, Robert Mueller’s investigation is adding to that strain and could put lives at risk. In fact, the longer Meuller drags this out the more dangerous it really becomes. The distrust and quid pro quos have been intensifying since the investigation began. Here is why Meuller needs to get a move on:

As Written By Greg Jarrett with Fox News. 

Two months ago, the Pentagon accused Russia of dropping bombs dangerously close to American special operations forces in eastern Syria. The U.S. issued a stern warning. In response, Russia threatened to retaliate if its troops came under fire by the U.S.

The two nations use a “de-confliction” hotline every day to share information about their operations in Syria, as military officers seek to avoid a mistake or miscalculation that could ignite a full-scale war between them.

Such a conflict is something neither side may want, but its two leaders may be powerless to prevent it. Why? Because of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s continuing investigation.

The longer the special counsel’s case drags on, the less likely it will be that President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin can sit down together in earnest to discuss key issues. These issues include diffusing the increasingly dangerous encounters in Syria, plus a myriad of other contentious topics that imperil American-Russian relations.

Gorbachev Issues Warning  

Among those who are deeply concerned is Mikhail Gorbachev, the last leader of the Soviet Union. He recently described U.S.-Russia relations as having deteriorated into a “severe crisis,” warning that the nuclear arms control treaty that ended the Cold War is teetering on the precipice of collapse. Each side accuses the other of violating the terms of the treaty.

Writing in a Russian government newspaper, the former Soviet leader offered a dire prediction: “If the system of curbing nuclear arms crumbles, and that is exactly what the collapse of the INF (Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces) treaty can lead to, the consequences will be catastrophic.”

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