Watch: There’s No Way Bernie Sanders Will Recover From This.

As Bernie Sanders makes his plans to run for president in 2020 known, Bernie’s wife throws a wrench in the wheelhouse. Back in 2016 an investigation into Jane Sanders, Bernie’s wife, launched for possible bank fraud. A new witnessed has been questioned in the case and brings this story back into the limelight.

Let’s face it, the only one in the Sanders family who will ever hold the title ‘president’ was Jane. Jane was once the president at Burlington College, in Vermont, and she ran that school the same way her husband would run this country- straight into the ground. After taking loan after loan to ‘revitalize’ the school, Jane found herself tangled up in an FBI fraud investigation. Where did all that money go, Jane? According to students, it didn’t all go to construction.  This will certainly thwart Bernie’s presidential plans. After all, only the elite Clintons can pull crap like this and keep their diehard supporters cheering. Here is what we know.


As Reported By Lukas Mikelionis with Fox News.

A federal investigation launched in 2016 into possible bank fraud by Jane Sanders, wife of U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, is still underway — with “a potential” grand jury review possible.

The probe could thwart Sanders’ 2020 presidential ambitions — as well as the Vermont political plans of Jane Sanders’ daughter, Carina Driscoll.

Individuals questioned by the FBI confirmed to Fox News that the investigation was still open, with FBI agents interviewing at least one witness within the last six weeks.

Jane Sanders is under investigation following a land deal she clinched when she was president of Burlington College in Vermont in 2010.

In order to expand the college, Sanders sought to obtain a tract of land from a Roman Catholic parish. She secured a $6.7 million loan from a bank and a $3.6 million loan from the parish from which she planned to purchase the property.

But she resigned in 2011 amid allegations that she purposely inflated and made up the amount of money donors have pledged to the school and provided incorrect information to a bank to get the loan. Multiple individuals, who were listed as college donors, have since come forward denying the commitments.

Questioned recently

Former Burlington College Board Chairman Yves Bradley told Fox News that the investigation was still underway. He said he was visited by FBI agents in the last six weeks and was questioned about Sanders’ involvement in the alleged bank fraud.


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