Watch: The Circus Continues Joe’s Infrastructure Tour Turns Into A Gag Reel, ‘If I Was Asleep I’d…

The White House is trotting Joe out for a “victory lap” after his infrastructure bill passed however it’s turning into a comedy sketch.

After the staged event in New Hampshire Biden traveled to Detroit to celebrate the opening of a new General Motors’ factory.

Biden created an uncomfortable moment causing his tour guide to jump back nervously.  At first, Biden snapped at the guy and then Biden relaxed and started mumbling something about if he was “asleep.”

Then, there was more mumbling and story telling:

The infrastructure bill has earmarked $110 million for electric vehicle charging stations. The Brandon administration is setting aside millions of dollars for vehicles that cost almost $100,000 it’s no wonder his agenda is falling apart.

Nobody can afford a $90,000 car it’s hard enough just trying to fill the gas tank to get to work. Let’s not forget that in America electricity is still mainly produced by fossil fuels and if the Biden administration continues their war on fossil fuels where’s the electricity going to come from to charge the vehicles?

Thanksgiving dinner is going to cost more than ever, to visit family it’s going to cost Americans more than ever and instead of providing relief to the American people Joe Biden is giving his union auto maker buddies $110 million.