Watch This Madness- Maxine Waters: “Everywhere I Go I Say Impeach 45”.

The bar for impeaching the President of the United States has gotten pretty low for the Democrats. If you can demand impeachment over silly accusations like “He insults members of his own party”, the opposing Conservatives should be allowed to retroactively pursue the previous administration for treason.

You know, the Obama’s? The ones who sold out American citizen’s safety to the Russian government with the Uranium-1 deal? Maxine Waters dared to bring up Trump’s alleged ties to Russia in the midst of the Democratic collapse that’s exposed the Obama administration as well as the Clintons for their trade deal with Russia? I think not Maxine!

Maxine refers to herself as someone “tells it like it is”, but refuses to look into her own party’s madhouse of issues before coming after the current President. In this new interview, Maxine brags that everywhere she goes she says “impeach 45”, referring to President Donald Trump, but her reasons are beyond weak.


As reported by Kyle Olsen with The American Mirror. 

Maxine Waters loves to talk about millennials, and she’s apparently adopted some of their traits, too.

The California congresswoman made an appearance on Bloomberg TV on Thursday and her definition of “high crimes and misdemeanors” — the standard for impeaching a president of the United States — appears to be lowering.

When asked what she hopes to achieve with her frequent “Impeach 45” chants around the country, Waters responded, “I have learned over the years that I’ve been in this business that there a few people who are willing to speak truth to power and to talk about what really is bothering our society and our democracy.

“It is not thought well of to step outside of that box,” Waters said.

“When I talk about impeachment, I describe what I think about this president. I think he’s deplorable and I think he defined himself in the campaign the way that he mocked and mimicked a disabled journalist, the way he talked about grabbing women by their private parts,” she said.