Watch: Little Girl RESISTS! Fights Back Creepy Joe Biden Going In For The Sniff

During the National Thanksgiving Turkey Pardoning event at the White House creepy Joe Biden got more than he bargained for when he approached a little girl.

Biden has repeatedly said that he “likes kids better than people. Fortunately, they like me. That’s why maybe I like them.”

Well, the little girl in the video below would disagree.

During the event at the White House Biden approaches a little girl who wanted nothing to do with him. The girl pulled back but Joe would not be denied a huff (or whatever creepy thing he wanted to do). Biden then starts to touch her face again and move in for the sniff. That’s when the little girl threw up her fists and forced Biden back.

Joe also embarrassed himself during a White House event in October 2021. While crowds were mingling and trumpets were playing “God Bless America” Joe just walked up to a microphone and says, “I’ll tell you what, I would like to learn it.”

No one in the audience seemed to have a clue what Joe was talking about. That’s when Jill showed up out of nowhere and said, “look at me.” Joe seemed to understand what she needed him to do and he wandered off.

The woman on his right appears to be his handler (babysitter) but she seemed pretty helpless trying to stop crazy Joe.

In the video below, Joe Biden was in a classroom with student and things got really, really, really, weird.