Watch: Her Highness Pelosi DEMANDS Audience Praise Her After Getting The Cold Shoulder

Her highness Nancy Pelosi was not happy after she didn’t receive the recognition she felt she deserved.

Pelosi was introducing the delegation from congress that traveled to the COP26 climate summit. As the Speaker of the House introduced the congressman in attendance no one in the crowd clapped. Then, Pelosi demanded the audience clap for them.

“That’s an applaud line in case you didn’t know,” Pelosi whined.

Pelosi and the delegation from Congress arrived on the same day of former president Barack Obama.

The response from Obama’s visit to the summit has made a fool of Joe Biden. Below is a portion of a report from the Washington Post. It is a little long however, notice the difference between how they compare Joe to Obama:

Obama felt less like an opening act and more like a headliner. Greeted like a head of state, Obama drew a capacity crowd for his speech, with many observers gushing over his remarks and some describing him as the most popular leader at the entire two-week event. An article in the local Scotsman newspaper said the 44th president had “sprinkled some stardust over Glasgow” and that it may be the “inspirational jolt it needs.”

Even with a week between them, that international star power that Obama brought to Glasgow cut a stark contrast with Biden. The current president was generally well-received, but the most intense media coverage he received was for allegedly dozing off during the world leader segment of speeches on the first full day of COP26.

Before Obama spoke, some observers suggested that Biden was simply repeating an old message. Last week, French television host Yann Barthès contrasted Biden’s 2021 speech with remarks made by Obama at the COP21, the U.N. climate summit in 2015 that led to the Paris agreement. Noting the similar language, Barthès asked: Was there a sense of deja vu?

For Biden, Obama’s enduring legacy on the world stage is both a blessing and a curse.Few recent American leaders have been viewed as positively as Obama outside of U.S. borders — and Biden benefits from his own role as vice president in this globally popular administration. However, Biden’s administration not only has to live up to Obama’s successes but also convince the world to look past his failures.

Joe Biden isn’t fooling anyone, he’s an empty suit.