Watch: The FBI Paid The Author Of The Bogus Trump Dossier?!

Judicial Watch filed another lawsuit today to get to the bottom of the Obama administrations and the FBI’s handling of the bogus Trump-Russia Dossier. Since the UK operative came out in public’s eye the FBI has tried to wash their hands clean of the situations but that’s just not possible.

New information shows that the FBI may have paid the UK operative who authored the fake Dossier. Since the Dossier was used to spy on the Trump family and his political team, we all have an invested interest in knowing what exactly happened. We’re talking treason at the very least! This was spot on and we hope the best for Judicial Watch’s lawsuit.


“Judicial Watch filed another lawsuit today to get to the bottom of the Obama administration surveillance and targeting of the Trump team during 2016 elections. We’ve asked for documents about that dossier that this UK operative (who) compiled (The Dossier), on behalf of Trump’s political opposition. Incredibly the FBI and the Obama administration used that dossier as an excuse to get a FISA warrant and to conduct all sorts of surveillance of the Trump team. We want to know whether there were payments made, what was behind this dossier, people have questioned its credibility, and the reasons that it was compiled. So by getting these government documents, we might shed light as to what the Obama administration was really up to with respect to targeting Team Trump.”

As Reported By Judicial Watch:

The suit was filed after the Department of Justice failed to respond to a March 8, 2017, FOIA request seeking:

  • All records of communications between any official, employee, or representative of the FBI and Mr. Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence officer and the owner of the private firm Orbis Business Intelligence.
  • All records related to the proposed, planned, or actual payment of any funds to Mr. Steele and/or Orbis Business Intelligence.
  • All records produced in preparation for, during, or pursuant to any meetings or telephonic conversations between any official, employee, or representative of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Mr. Christopher Steele and/or any employee or representative of Orbis Business Intelligence.

The Trump dossier was purported to contain “embarrassing material” which could be used to blackmail Trump. BuzzFeed published the 35-page document following January 10, 2017, report by CNN stating President Obama was presented classified documents alleging Russian Intelligence had “compromising personal and financial information”.

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