Desperate For Attention Fauci Issues Apocalyptic Warning About Ukraine To Get Back In the Spotlight

Dr. Fauci is feeling left out, by all accounts, COVID is over. As the midterms approach, Joe Biden wants the country to forget about Fauci and Democrat mandates.

Now, Fauci is desperate for attention and is trying to insert himself into the Ukraine crisis so he can get back in the spotlight.

“[The war] could be devastating, quite frankly,” Dr. Fauci said.

“As a public health official, as a scientist, and as an infectious disease expert, I’m very worried about the disruption that has already happened and that will continue.

“[The war] is going to interrupt the vaccine programs of kids, this is going to be a really terrible public health tragedy – in addition to a terrible tragedy of life lost in war,” Fauci added.

“We still do not know as much as we need to [about TB]. We need to revitalize what has been a somewhat neglected approach to an ancient disease,” he said.

“We have not used cutting edge technology [on it]. And we have a lot of people who are not interested in the field of TB because there’s been this somewhat inappropriate mindset: ‘It’s been around for a long time and we do have the BCG vaccine’,” he told The Telegraph.

“Anytime you disrupt society like this and put literally millions of people on the move, infectious disease will exploit that,” he said. “People are packed together, they’re stressed, they’re not eating, not sleeping properly. They’re highly susceptible [to disease],” Fauci concluded.

It appears that Fauci hasn’t figured out Biden is done with him and wants him to disappear. The NIH head hasn’t taken part in an interview with the mainstream media for almost 3 weeks and has been only allowed to do interviews for streaming far-left websites.

After being thrown in our faces for almost three years Fauci, Osterholm, Van Gupta, and Gottlieb have all but disappeared. By the time the midterms get here Democrats do not want you to remember what they did during COVID. However, they have a new self-inflicted problem, gas prices and they aren’t going down anytime soon.

The Telegraph