Watch: 30 Second Tucker Carlson Announcement Sends The Left Into A Frenzy

In just 30 seconds Fox News host, Tucker Carlson sent the left into a frenzy.

Carlson recently announced a three part documentary titled the “Patriot Purge” which examines the Democrats domestic campaign to cancel conservatives.

People on the left from members of congress to the media was frothing at the mouth.

It’s amazing that Democrats will get upset about a documentary but they are silent when Joe Biden drones an entire family by accident.

MTG threw it right back in her face:

Representative Eric “Fang, Fang” Swalwell was “outraged.”

Democrats and the media are worried that Tucker is going to uncover their little gig with the Biden Administration.

Media organizations like The Intercept and the Huffington Post have been working with the DOJ to find right wing protestors.