VIDEO: The Tide Is Changing, Police Join Protestors! People Rise Up Against COVID Mandates Around The World

Many are aware of the mounting protests in Australia against coronavirus restrictions however, protests are popping up around the world.

Perhaps one of the most uplifting was a vaccine passport protest in Italy where police in riot gear took of their equipment and joined the protestors.

The media is ignoring all of this, they don’t want people to see what’s really going on.

In another signal of hope, dozens of Massachusetts State Police officers resigned because of an imposed vaccine mandate imposed by the states “Republican” governor.

Players in the NBA are pushing back against vaccine mandates and might I add this is one of the most professional, reasonable explanations I’ve heard given, and it completely wrecks the narrative in the media that unvaxxers are “dumb people.”

In the UK many gathered to protest vaccine legislation that is being pushed despite the fact that Boris Johnson had already said he won’t support them.

Below was a massive protest in the Netherlands and let me just say it looked like a ton of fun. We should start doing this in the USA, I’d love to hear the drones on CNN complain about something like this.

They are even protesting in Japan…

Below is the amount of people protesting around the world last week and you don’t hear a thing about from the media.