VIDEO: Prosecutor In Rittenhouse Case Questioning Reaches The Pinnacle Of Stupidity, ‘All He Had Was A…

The DA’s in the Kyle Rittenhouse case are bad, really bad.

For some reason the defense called Rittenhouse to the stand which was a big gamble but it may have paid off because Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger not only looked like a fool during cross examination he came across as villain.

At one point Binger asked Rittenhouse, “All he had was a handgun, why would you think he is a threat? You have an AR-15. Can you help me understand that?”

“He was advancing at me with a gun in his hand,” Kyle responded.

Binger’s question wreaks of woke cultural ideology and made him sound really stupid.

The line of questioning during cross examination of Rittenhouse by the state went so poorly the defense asked Judge Bruce Schroeder to declare a mistrial “with prejudice.”

Defense attorney Corey Chirafisi representing Rittenhouse said that Binger is acting in “bad faith” and is deliberately ruining their own case to get “another kick at the cat.”

The motion came after Judge Schroeder had ripped into Binger after committing a “grave constitutional violation” by mentioning Rittenhouse exercising his right to remain silent when initially investigating by authorities.

Below is a clip of the fireworks:

After a the lunch break as Binger was trying to explain himself Judge Schroeder hammered him for trying to weasel around the courts previous rulings. “When you say that you had been acting on good faith, I don’t believe that,” he said.