Tone Deaf Statement From Psaki Is Haunting Joe Biden & The White House

The supply chain in the United States is a mess.

Schools are struggling to get supplies, the auto industry is struggling, and in some places it’s hard to find milk.

On top of that inflation and gas prices are squeezing Americans. With all of that said Press Secretary Jen Psaki thought it was appropriate to joke about Americans unable to get goods.

During a press briefing, the snobby press secretary joked about shortages impacting the country claiming Americans are just going to have to wait a bit longer for their treadmill. Her response highlights just how out of touch and tone deaf the administration is.

Thanksgiving dinner is going to cost more than ever and Psaki is cracking jokes.


As the members of the elite joke about treadmills Wisconsin schools are struggling to keep their meal programs going.

“It’s impacting everything from food items, which are common, like, you have your beef, your chicken, and non-food items, such as serving trays and plastic ware, and things of that nature,” School Food Coordinator for Wisconsin William Randy Jones told Milwaukee’s WISN 12.

AutoZone CEO William Rhodes is calling the crisis “the most difficult supply-chain environment that I have ever seen” and said his company has “the lowest level of in-stock” in recent memory.

Of course, Jen probably doesn’t drive herself to work or have to worry about transportation because she is carted around on a taxpayer funded vehicle with a federal employee at the wheel.
Biden’s policies are hurting America and it’s no wonder why we’ve been having shortages on chicken. One of the largest meat processing companies in the country caved to the White House and imposed a vaccine mandate. The company touted their 96% vaccination status but relented that they have struggled with “worker shortages.”
The supply chain has been crippled and the Biden Administration is joking about it and that’s why approval numbers continue to fall. Many thought Psaki’s careless joke wouldn’t come back to bite them until next year but they are already haunting Biden.