She Tried To Spread Fake News Then Mother Nature Clapped Back…

Karma works in silence…Spread fake news, then karma will hunt you down…

Well, this BBC reporter may have learned it the hardest way.

The left is making all of us feel and envision that the January 6 incident at the Capitol is as bad as the 911 attack, by all means, to bring down Former President Donald Trump. That’s so pathetic.

For the records, almost the casualties on that day are among the alleged rioters, and even a Navy Veteran, Ashli lost her life.

Let’s face it, all of the so-called rioters on that day are patriots who are fighting for their votes because they felt compromised. It’s just so true.

Well, going back to that liar BBC reporter, she was trying to cast an anniversary fake news or BS report about the January 6 incident, things went really bad, for her.

I couldn’t stop laughing when I first saw it, but here, watch it.

It felt like God have purposely smacked this reporter’s face for all the lies and boy, it is so satisfying to watch.

The Sun reported:

Laura Trevelyan was blasted by a snowstorm in Washington DC as she did a piece outside the Capitol building. The British journalist was filming for a piece on the anniversary of the Capitol riot when she was taken by surprise by the white stuff.

Laura made it 20 seconds into the video before being lashed by a gust of snow. She covered her face, turned away from the icy interruption, and exclaimed “oh God”.

She deserved it.

Sources: Wayne Dupree, The Sun UK