Quarantine Camps Are Being Built Inside The USA, The Australiafication Of America Has Begun (VIDEO)

Joe Biden is trying to turn America in Australia and now COVID camps are being built inside the USA.

The State of Washington has begun building Australia like coronavirus quarantine sites for the infected.

According to King County Department of Community and Human Services the camps are for “isolation and quarantine.”

Isolation and Quarantine facilities provide supervised care to symptomatic or COVID-positive adults who cannot safely quarantine or recover in their own home, or do not have a home.

People who stay at an I/Q may be unable to isolate from high-risk individuals in their home or they may be experiencing homelessness. These spaces help support hospital capacity by providing a place of care for people who need assistance, while leaving hospital beds available for the most acutely ill.

More sites are being built.

Biden wants to take control over America like the Australian government has done.

He’s already purging our military.

However, areas of the country are starting to wake up.

But that isn’t stopping tyranny, Los Angeles, California is getting ready to launch one of the strictest vaccine mandates in the country.

The new ordinance would require Americans to show proff of full vaccination at indoor areas like restaurants, bars, gyms, movie theaters, convention centers, card rooms, museums, malls, play areas, spas, and solons starting in November.

City Council has delayed the vote because one councilman believes the rules are “unenforceable” and “ridiculous.”

“Despite an attempt to not move this forward, this Council will vote to approve the ordinance next week,” L.A. City Council President Nury Martinez said in a statement.

The Australiafication of America has begun.