Professor Dershowitz: Trump Has Mueller Right Where He Wants Him? [Video]

Robert Mueller’s sheer show of incompetence makes getting him out of public service seem like a no-brainer. Havard law and longtime liberal, Professor Alan Dershowitz explains why Trump shouldn’t act.

Mueller must have willfully built a biased team of investigators because the alternative would mean that this political veteran made the rookie move of not vetting his staff. In recent news, we have his agent caught with nasty things to say about President Trump in his emails. More importantly are the leaks of proof that members of Mueller’s staff had conspired to take Trump down after winning the Presidential elections. So why shouldn’t Trump act on this obvious witchhunt? Take a look and tell us what you think.


As Reported By Allahpundit with Hot Air.

A leftover from yesterday as the news cycle begins to grind to a halt for Christmas. I think this is closer to true than it is to false, although Mueller doesn’t strike me as the sort of guy who’ll cut Trump a break just because his team’s impartiality has taken some hits lately. Yes, he’s worried enough about the public perception that he’d send Peter Strzok packing from the Russiagate probe over his texts with Lisa Page. But after many months of investigating the president, with the eyes of the world upon him, does Dershowitz really think law-and-order Bob Mueller would table an obstruction indictment against the president if it’s a “close call” just because he fears appearing “biased”? I give him more credit than that.

Still, Dershowitz is right in this sense: How would firing Mueller help Trump at this point? We went over this the other day. If Mueller goes, a new special counsel (or a career prosecutor at the DOJ) will take over the investigation.

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