NeverTrumper Attacks Christians Who Support The President.

Washington Post Columnist, Micheal Gerson, says evangelicals have ‘sold their souls’ for Trump.

In his piece, ‘Trump evangelicals have sold their souls‘, Gerson plays judge upon Christian Trump voters. Ignoring the fact that most, if not all of his supporters, want to save the ‘soul’ of our once great nation. Monica Showalter with American Thinker shot back with this fiery piece:

As Written By Monica Showalter with American Thinker:

Who died and made NeverTrump Michael Gerson the pope of the Evangelicals?  His nearly 7,000-word screed in The Atlantic condemning Evangelical Christians for electing and supporting President Trump shows just how out of touch he is.

Gerson is on a roll.  He’s written a long piece in the magazine of the hoity-toity, The Atlantic, upbraiding Evangelicals for their support for President Trump and pronouncing them finished as a force for not understanding their own Christianity. The whole thing had an absolutely creepy holier-than-thou tone, looking down his nose as he does at Christians. He uses his own past as an Evangelical, hanging around with the university Evangelical crowd, a uniformly leftist group that hasn’t done jack for advancing Christian principles such as the right to life, as his bead on authority for the rest of those of the faith.

Cripes, he comes off as a jerk.  He declares Trump an immutable racist and any Christian who supports him no different, though he throws in a contradictory caveat that he doesn’t think all Christians are racists.  Instead, he just calls them bad Christians, except more pompously: “Christians who are wrong on this issue do not understand the most-basic requirements of their faith.”…

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Gerson’s Piece Reads:

With their reactions to the Roy Moore candidacy and the Stormy Daniels scandal, the Trump evangelicals have scaled the heights of hypocrisy to the summit. Family-values conservatives who dismiss credible accusations of sexual abuse and wink at hush money for a porn star have ceased to represent family values in any meaningful sense. They have made a national joke of moral standards that were once, presumably, deeply held. At least when a Democrat violated them.

My friend Pete Wehner proposes a thought experiment: If a militant atheist were to design a trap with the goal of discrediting evangelical Christians, could they do better than Moore and Daniels? It would take some consideration.

But this barely scratches the surface of the moral compromises being made.

Clearly, Gerson wasn’t paying attention during the last president’s term.