Creepy Joe is back and he is creepier than ever.

A new video of Biden in a classroom with children is some of the most disturbing of Joe to date.

Biden is heard saying, “I used to love to drive, they don’t let me drive anymore.”

The president then reaches down to caresses a child’s head and sniffs them, it is so bizarre.

Biden then finishes his statement by adding, “and I have a beautiful Corvette sitting in my garage.”

Biden has recently said he likes kids more than people and he thinks they like him back.

As the weeks go by videos of Joe Biden continue to get worse and more disturbing.

Not long ago the White House ended up cutting a live feed of President Biden after he sat pathetically asking for help.

While Biden was meeting with the Indian Prime Minister he couldn’t figure out how to use the equipment in front of him. Biden just sat their dazed and confused until an aid came to his rescue, the White House then cut the feed.

We’ve seen Biden lost before, in the video below a Secret Service Agent tried to show Joe which way to go but he got lost trying to find the entrance to the White House. Instead, of following the sidewalk and the advice of the agent Biden gets lost starts walking onto the lawn and into the bushes. You’ll notice one agents stare in disbelief as Biden finally finds the door to go inside.

Biden continues to jumble and fumble.

The President’s performance is so bad that it has been reported the White House turns off the TV.

In the video below you’ll see Joe get completely lost on the tarmac and Kamala has to help him. As Biden gets off the plane you’ll watch him get really confused and he starts to wonder back in forth. It’s clear he doesn’t’ know which way to go. Kamala, then pats her boss on the back and point him in the right direction.

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