Are We A Nation Unable To Mourn Because Of The Liberal Gun-Control Debate?

Quick Answer: Yes! We have become a verbally waring nation every time there is a shooting of any kind but when did ‘crazy’ stop being crazy and start being ‘those darn guns’?

It’s overwhelmingly tragic what happened to those poor children and teachers at the Florida Valentines Day massacre and we should be allowed as a nation, time to mourn those who lost their lives, yet here we are in the same place we always end up. Before the literal smoke cleared from the Stoneman High School, broadcasters were calling for gun control.

As a parent, if you could say there was a type of gun-control that would make my child safe, I would be all for it, there isn’t a sane parent who wouldn’t agree. The fact is though, it is the mentality of the murderer and not the choice of weapons. As FBI studies have shown guns save more lives than they have taken.

Furthermore, having better security, being aware of those around you and alerting authorities to suspicious behavior still seems to be the best course of action at this time. In the case of Florida, dozens of people have come forward to discuss the ‘red-flag’ behavior the shooter, Cruz, displayed prior the shooting but only one person contacted authorities? We can do better but gun-control still isn’t the answer.

As Written By Daniel John Sobieski with American Thinker:

If you have one of those wi-fi video doorbells, your home is more secure than Marjory Stoneman High School in Parkland, Florida was when the evil creature called Nikolas Cruz entered to begin his murder spree.  With all the “we must do something” hand-wringing we have seen before, the simple truth is that such a simple bit of modern technology might have prevented or mitigated this tragedy.

Again, there were warning signs, enough red flags to have a parade in Moscow.  Many did see things and say things, as the mantra goes, but the FBI, which was notified of the killer’s intention posted on social media, was busy chasing Russians and fighting Trump.  The kids in the high school expected that one day the killer, who was expelled, would return.  Yet the doors were not secured.  In a society awash with cameras and surveillance, no one saw him walking in with a gas mask, smoke grenades, and a weapon.

Your local convenience store has better security.  The question to be asked is not how could this happen, but why is the killer still alive?  Why was there no one in the building able to shoot back?  Why are off-duty cops guarding junk food and soft drinks rather than in these schools, guarding children?  We have enough retired cops and returning veterans to put more than a few in every school.  Critics say that, like guns in the home, would be dangerous. More dangerous than what, exactly?  The number of armed guards who have perpetrated mass shootings remains stuck at zero.

So the usual suspects in the gun control zoo, like early man who worshiped and feared inanimate objects, focus on the weapon used, an AR-15, and lament that if only we could rid the planet of each and every one, then the lion would lie down with the lamb.  This is welcome news to the people in Nice, France who were slaughtered by a jihadi driving a truck.

After considering the Oklahoma office worker whose head was hacked off with a knife, the New York cops attacked with an axe, and the Paris assault with a knife, it dawns on one that assault is a behavior and not a weapon.  Ever since Cain slew Abel, it has been possible to kill people without using an AR-15.

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