Must See: Devin Nunes Destroys Democrats’ Rebuttal Memo [Video]

Congressman Devin Nunes Weighs In On Dems Pathetic Rebuttal Memo

Author of the damning FISA memo, Devin Nunes, points out the fatal flaws in the Democrats’ rebuttal¬†memo. It basically backs up everything in Nunes’ memo. It’s no wonder why Dems are trying to distance themselves from the bogus Dossier and liberal media isn’t covering the rebuttal as well as that could. The rebuttal even states that the Dossier was created for political purposes, though it doesn’t openly admit who funded the ‘opposition research’. What an embarrassment.

Watch- Transcript provided below

Transcript From Nunes’ Interview As Written By Fox New:

A ton of breaking news tonight.

Liberal Congressman Adam Schiff’s counter memo on the FISA abuses finally released. A complete disaster for Schiff and company, full of flat out lies, complete fabrications and it actually, in the end, corroborates everything we have been telling you over a year on this program.

Now, like that, the FBI and the DOJ like they lied about the FISA judge in that case about the origins of the Clinton bought and paid for dossier full of Russian government propaganda, they used that to get a warrant to spy on a member of the Trump campaign. We will go through this Schiff memo, point by point. We will separate fact from Democratic fiction. This is something the destroy Trump media will never do.

Also, the House Intel Committee Chairman Devin Nunes and Carter Page, the former Trump campaign advisor at the center of all of this, they will both join us tonight with exclusive reaction.

And also breaking tonight, growing calls for Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel to resign over new information about his department’s repeated failures to stop and then properly respond to the Florida shooting. And according to new reports, a total of four officers did not enter the high school when they had an opportunity to confront the gunman and possibly save lives.

We will describe in complete detail this bureaucratic failure and how every sign was missed that could have prevented, definitely could have prevented this tragedy. We will have the very latest on that breaking news in a mini monologue.

But, first, we get started with our breaking news opening monologue tonight.

HANNITY: All right. A lot of breaking news. We’re going to go slow. A lot of details surrounding this Democratic memo put together by liberal Trump-hating Congressman Adam Schiff. We’ll dissect this thing point by point. We’ll give you all the information that the media won’t tell you about.

But before we get into all of those details, here is the biggest takeaway. Everything from a year ago that we have been uncovering and telling you about involving rampant FISA abuses, spying on the Trump campaign, has actually now been corroborated by the Democrats. It’s all true, the Schiff memo was supposed to take on the credibility and challenge the memo that Congressman Nunes put out. In reality, the exact opposite is happening.

Here’s why. Facts are facts. The truth is the truth. Both Republicans and Democrats are now confirming that the completely unverified Hillary Clinton bought and paid for dossier filled with Russian lies made a large part of the FISA application that was used to then spy on a member of the Trump campaign.

And here is another key point you have to consider. Have you noticed the near radio silence from fake news CNN, conspiracy TV MSNBC when it comes to the Schiff memo? The liberal media, they are not talking about it because they know that it proves all of the key findings and facts of the Republican memos. And now that you have that important background information, let’s dive into this Democratic memo.

Here’s what this Schiff memo corroborates. Just like the Nunes memo in the House, the Grassley-Graham memo in the Senate, they lay out the FBI, the DOJ did in fact lie and mislead a FISA judge about the fact that Hillary Clinton and the DNC that she controlled actually paid for the Russian dossier full of lies. Schiff, he actually quotes a section of the FISA application in his memo. It reads that the DOJ disclosed that Christopher Steele was approached by an identified U.S. person who has indicated a source one, Steele, that a U.S.-based law firm had hired the identified U.S. person to conduct research regarding candidate number one’s ties to Russia, Trump.

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