A Must See: Ben Shapiro At UCLA Exposes The Left-Elites Fascism.

Political commentator and Author, Ben Shapiro is known for his witty and sharp responses. His recent session at his alma mater, UCLA, was no exception.

Monday night, Shapiro held a Q and A with UCLA students. His responses were well calculated but more importantly, he highlighted the fascist left. The elitists that group Conservatism with racism. If you can make time to watch the whole speech, you should. It will make you proud.

Video Of The Hour-Long Q&A At UCLA. It’s Worth Watching.

Ben Shapiro’s Closing Statement Is Our Favorite. Take A Look:

The Founding Fathers thought differently from all of this; the Founding Fathers were right. They thought in terms of individualism; they thought that you had a right to speak freely. Not because all opinions are equal, they weren’t moral relativists; they didn’t think that all opinions were correct; they didn’t think that all perspectives were correct; they didn’t think any of that.

But what the founding fathers did believe is that we are all individually made in the image of God, and that came along with certain inalienable rights, and one of those inalienable rights is the right to exercise our free will and our reason in coming up with arguments. And to express those arguments in order to convince others.

This is something that Founders deeply believed; this is what the First Amendment is all about, and this is what undergirded all the ideas of free government. And they were certain, by the way, if left to our own devices, that social institutions, properly supported by the community, could fill the gap left by a non-tyrannical government. In order to force people to be virtuous, folks like Aristotle talked about having an overbearing government that would basically cause virtue. And the Founding Fathers disagreed with that; they said,’Well, that ignores the fact that virtue has to be an exercise of free will; that is why we need social institutions to fill those gaps but we need a government that doesn’t impede people in pursuing their own free will.’

That is the best way, and American conservatism is not authoritarian. American conservatism is not Hitlerian. American conservatism is not Marxist; it’s not Authoritarian Leftism. American conservatism is about individualism. It’s the opposite of the American Left and the campus Left. That’s why our campuses require hundreds of police officers every time I speak . . . whenever the Left authoritarian mindset predominates on campus it quashes the debate.