The Military Shows The NFL How It’s Done.

The Army-Navy Football Game Show The NFL What Patriotism Looks Like.

Every year for 118 years there has been an Army-Navy Game and this year is no exception. This year the Army-Navy game went off without a hitch snow fell upon the field as the whole stadium respected the National Anthem and Flag. Their National Anthem rang through the stadium and there was not a single person that even considered kneeling. This is what it looks like when People care about their Nation.

The NFL should take notes on what Patriotism looks like instead of attempting to buy their loyalty.  But this is the NFL we are talking about a spinless management that doesn’t know how to control their players. But I digress.

The Army-Navy game was a beautiful event that filled the stadium with adoring fans. The stadium is neutral ground and is needed due to the high volume of fans that want to attend the event.

Watch The Anthem Done Right Below.

The games began back in 1890 and the rivalry has continued until now. The Navy is represented by Midshipmen and the Army’s team is The Black Knights. The Navy is currently in the lead with 60 games to 51 with 7 ties. The competition is solely for bragging rights and the love of the game. Some of the players have even gone on to the NFL to play professionally. Back when the NFL was worth watching.

The whole event from start to finish is a class act. After the game, the players all come together and sing the losing team and then the winning team’s educational institutes anthem. The games are considered college football as it is the Westpoint cadets vs the Naval Academy students.

Most of the games have taken place in Philadelphia as that is the midpoint between the two Academies. The first football helmet ever worn was supposedly worn at one of these games as per recommended by a doctor.

“Navy Midshipman (and later Admiral) Joseph Mason Reeves wore what is widely regarded as the first football helmet in the 1893 Army–Navy Game. He had been advised by a Navy doctor that another kick to his head would result in intellectual disability or even death, so he commissioned an Annapolis shoemaker to make him a helmet out of leather.”