Is Michelle Obama Scheming To Get Back Into The White House? [Video]

Michelle Obama’s Up and coming memoir set to be released at a very peculiar time. Coincidence?

Somehow, between her very busy island hoping schedule, Michelle Obama found the time to write a memoir titled ‘Becoming’ which will be released just a few days after this fall’s midterm elections. Some are saying this is an early warning sign that the Obama’s could be clawing their way back to the White House.

Chilling thoughts and imagery aside, this could be very serious. You should take a moment and read what is being said. If it’s true Conservatives need to be prepared to take on the socialist’s favorite family.


As Written By Monica Showalter with American Thinker:

So Michelle Obama’s got a coming-of-age memoir, titled Becoming, coming out?  To be released just a few days after November’s midterms?  The ones in which Democrats expect to launch their Blue Wave and retake the House and the Senate?  Thomas Lifson, writing in today’s American Thinker, couldn’t be more on target in writing that the book signals that she’s running for president.

What we are seeing here is not just a memoir for a million-dollar payday, as the Obamas have been so adept at gaining. (Michelle, after all, did make a heap from her book on vegetables as she tried to micromanage what Americans eat).  This one is more than a memoir: it’s a marketing of herself, her persona, as a “narrative” for something bigger, which in her case is a crack at the presidency.  You don’t win the presidency by talking about your ideas if your ideas (which are socialist) are unpopular.  You win by talking about yourself.

Releasing the memoir with this calculated timing precisely mirrors strategy and tactics Barack Obama employed to win elections during his career.  Apparently, Valerie Jarrett and the other Obamatons over at the Kalorama mansion, oh, so quiet all these months, have not been idle in plotting out this new “narrative.”  Michelle’s new book has Team Obama’s fingerprints all over it.

Just take a look at what Obama did with his book strategy for winning higher office…

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