Liberals In An Uproar Over Bernie Sanders Headlining At The Women’s March.

Hilary supporters and feminist, alike, are outraged at the organizers of the Women’s March this year for having Bernie Sanders is a headline speaker at this year’s women’s march. Bernie, a self-proclaimed ‘popular candidate’ not welcomed by the alt-left? We think you’ll find it humorous.

Liberal Senator, Bernie Sanders, is set to be a headline speaker at this year’s women’s march convention. While the co-founder who arranged the speaker believes it’s a good idea most feminists and Hillary supporters firmly disagree on having a ‘man’ speak at the women’s convention. The situation has the alt-left fighting against themselves.

“He is really in line with the principles of the Women’s March,” Tamika Mallory, Co-founder of Women’s March, said. “is probably one of the most powerful U.S. senators … on progressive issues, women’s issues, mobilizing millennials,” she added. Despite her efforts, Mallory wasn’t able to calm the angry masses.

Here A Few Tweets From The Rabid Feminist.


As Reported By Conor Beck At Free Beacon.

“We believe as women … that we ought to have more than just women at the Women’s Convention,” Mallory said. “People want to hear from the leadership from within our government who can give us some insight into what’s happening … so we can know what we need to do to be able to organize.”

USA Today listed 12 other people who will speak at the convention, including Democratic politicians and progressive activists, all of whom are women.

The Women’s Convention will take place in Detroit and begin on Oct. 27, lasting for three days. The convention’s website describes plans to “bring thousands of women, femmes, and our allies of all backgrounds” to the event to help prepare for the 2018 midterm elections by “tapping into the power of women in leadership as the fundamental, grassroots force for change.”

The convention is affiliated with Women’s March, the movement behind the Women’s March on Washington to protest President Donald Trump’s inauguration and to support progressive causes across the country.