Las Vegas Security Guard Mysteriously Disappears Right Before His Interview.

The Mandalay Bay security guard, Jesus Campos, vanished just before his interview about the Las Vegas Shooting.

Jesus Campos worked the night of the Las Vegas massacre and was reportedly shot by Stephen Paddock in the hallway. Jesus was due to speak out about the events that took place Thursday when he vanished.

Per Campos’ union president, David Hickey,  Campos vanished during a meeting with MGM. The security guard was taken to a walk-in-clinic (urgent care) and hasn’t been heard from since. Police have been unable to locate Jesus and the public have begun to worry something may have happened to him.

Hickey has worked with the security guard in preparation for his upcoming interviews and left Jesus for a short time and upon his return, the man was gone.

“For the past four days, he’s been preparing … (Thursday) we had a meeting with MGM officials, and after that meeting was over, we talked about the interviews, we went to a private area, and when we came out, Mr. Campos was gone,” Hickey told Fox 5 Vegas.

This came at the hight of suspicion over the Vegas massacre. The disappearance only adding more questions as to what happened at the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

As Reported By Fox News.

Hickey said Campos had requested to go public and wanted to tell his story and move on from the Oct. 1 shooting investigation. Police say he was shot just before the crazed gunman killed 58 at the music festival on the Las Vegas Strip – though, the sequence of events is still in dispute.

Campos was last photographed in public on Oct. 10, accepting a “SPFPA Hero Award” for bravery in the line of duty, while dining with Hickey and others at a high-end Vegas steakhouse. But soon afterward, investigators said that the security guard was shot before the massacre, raising questions about whether the hotel did enough to prevent the bloodshed.