Judge Jeanie Pulls Back The Curtain, Reveals Who She Believes Is Running The White House

Fox News host, Judge Jeanine Pirro recently revealed who she believes is running the White House.

“In case you didn’t know it, Joe Biden is the president of the United States in name only. Someone else is running the White House,” Pirro said on her Fox News show. “Barack Obama, maybe? Come along with me and see if what I say makes sense. Now, from the beginning of his campaign, we knew he wasn’t right. We kept asking ourselves what was wrong with him. He was clearly confused, saying crazy things.”

“We couldn’t ask questions, because they kept pulling him back behind the COVID curtain as if they were hiding something,” she added. “At the same time that President Trump was campaigning around the clock, Joe Biden was hunkered down under the COVID storm, at least until the inquiries passed. But even then, he was often unaware of where he was, or where he was going.”

“No President in United States history has ever spoken like this,” she said. “What are we supposed to conclude when the most powerful man in the free world says someone will reprimand him if he doesn’t do what they tell him to do. Is someone else in charge?”

Pirro is hitting the nail on the head just watch the video below:

We’ve also gotten a good taste of angry Joe Biden as well.

While in New Jersey trying to get support for his Build, Back, Better Bill Biden started whispering and yelling at the crowd.

Just around a week prior to the video above Biden took out his frustrations out on the podium.

Pirro is right, clearly Joe Biden is not running things at the White House.