Insane Stunt By A Police Officer Neutralizing A Hostage Situation [Raw Footage]

Footage released shows an Insane Stunt made By A Police Officer Neutralizing A Hostage Situation.

In an undisclosed location in China, a man pulled a woman from the bus-station to use as a human shield against officers. His crime prior to this and why the officers were there to subdue him is still unknown at this time. The quick thinking of one officer saved the day but what he did is nothing short of amazing.

While pulling off a movie-style scale of the building, the officer flips himself upside down and shoots the suspect in the head. The daring rescue could have ended badly for the officer had the assailant only looked up.

Warning: Graphic Video

A decent crowd formed around the event, likely aiding officer’s as they tried to keep the man distracted. Anyone in the crowded street below could have warned the criminal of the officer’s actions, but thankfully did not. With a single shot, the officer dropped the bad-guy and ended the terrifying ordeal.

We are still working to find out more specifics about what exactly took place. This story may change as new facts are discovered but we will keep you posted.

Some viewers may have issues loading the video due to its graphic content. We recommend trying to watch the video from a different browser or device if you experience this problem.