Infuriating Video Of Irate Liberal Assaulting and Bashing A Peaceful Trump Supporter.

Apparently, freedom of Speech Only Applies to Liberal Students At this California Campus.

As Student assemble on a California campus, Matthew Vitale was standing peacefully when another student decided his rights didn’t matter. The other student, Identified as, Edith Macias, snatched Mathews ‘Make America Great Again’ hat right off of the young student’s head.

Edith attempted to cause Mathew issues by taking the hat to ‘Student Life’, a student ran facility supporting lives and engagement. Edith, A student herself, really believed the people there would support her irate actions. “Come on, back me up,” she can be heard saying to the Student Life’ administrators.

Of course, they didn’t and eventually called campus security who can be seen taking Edith away. Even if the other students running ‘Student Life’ didn’t agree with Mathews views they did respect them. On several occasions during the video one student tries repeatedly to return the hat to Mathew.

***Warning Video Contains Strong Language.***


Chata insults Mathews race (Mathew is mix-raced) and assumes all Trump supporters support genocide. All the while reaffirming that she hates America.  Public outcry is overwhelming as this video goes viral.

As reported by Fox News.

“Oh my God, you’re going to keep letting him wear it? That just shows how the f— UCR is and the education system. It’s geared to benefit white people, white people, not me,” Macias says as she protests the move and accuses the staff of not being neutral.

“In the premises of the university I deal with microaggressions on the daily, as do other people of color and you have people out there wearing hats like those, Y’all don’t say s—- about it,” she adds. “Make America Great Again? Really? Lynches, mass genocides, mass deportations. Constant killings and Y’all are just gonna shut the f—- up?”

“I don’t want to talk to none of Y’all,” Macias says as she’s met at the door by men who appear to be campus police officers.