Impeachment Witness Book Boomerangs Proving Trump Was Right All Along

Deep State nightcrawler and Democrat impeachment witness Fiona Hill came out of her cave to sell her book and insult former President Donald Trump. However, what she ended up doing is admitting that Trump was right all along.

You can almost feel her elitist snobby attitude in her writing and which was highlighted in a recent excerpt that was released to the press. Hill tried to explain that Putin waited for Biden to become president to invade Ukraine because the Russian president thought Trump wasn’t smart enough. The Deep State spox actually tries to claim that Putin delayed his invasion for Biden because Joe is much smarter than Trump.

“He thought that somebody like Biden — who’s a transatlanticist, who knows all about NATO, who actually knows where Ukraine is, and actually knows something about the history, and is very steeped in international affairs — would be the right person to engage with,” Hill said.

“You could see that he got frustrated many times with President Trump because he had to keep explaining things, and Putin doesn’t like to do that,” Hill said, adding: “Even though he loves to be able to spin his own version of events, he wants to have predictability in the person that he’s engaging with.”

The only thing Hill said that was correct was that Putin was frustrated with former President Trump especially after he told the Russian president that if he touched Ukraine Moscow would be bombed.

When Trump was president the world feared and respected us but now they mock and threaten us.

“If the US side insists on playing the Taiwan card and goes further and further down the wrong road, it will certainly lead to a dangerous situation,” Yang Jiechi, Beijing’s top diplomat, said in a phone call with National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan recently.

China never would have talked to us like that during the Trump administration.