Homeland Security Secretary Exposes The Durbin SH*T Hole Lie

Homeland Security Secretary Reveals That Durbin Lied.

The truth is coming out and is proving that Durbin lied to the media and the American people for political gain. To be the one who called out Trump and gain the support of all of the trump Haters. But another source who was also present during the meeting has spoken out and she claims that the word S***hole was never even used.

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Neilson clarified that Trump said nothing about a hole and he was not by any means the only one to use profanity during the oval office meeting.

“I did not hear that word used, no sir,” Nielsen said at a hearing under questioning from Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.). Asked whether Trump used a similar word, the DHS chief responded: “The conversation was very impassioned. I don’t dispute that the president was using tough language. Others in the room were also using tough language.”

Watch The Video Below.

She was testifying to the Senate Judiciary Committee, amid tense negotiations about immigration and whether illegal immigrant “Dreamers” will be granted legal status as part of a 2018 spending deal.

Under questioning by Sen. Patrick Leahy and Mr. Durbin, Ms. Nielsen defended the president’s stance, saying he was arguing against quotas allowing migration from specific developing countries.

Instead Mr. Trump wants merit-based immigration, where the U.S. would select migrants based on their skills and ability to assimilate in the U.S., the secretary said.”

As you can see they were looking to twist Trump’s words to make him appear racist. Asking if Norway was predominately white as if to say Trump only wanted people from Norway because Trump only wants more white people. When Trump wants people from Norway because he had heard they were hard worker and could contribute to the US.

But that’s not what Democrats/Liberals want to hear. They want to paint Trump as a pro-white racist that is making policy on that basis when in reality he is just trying to make America great again. Not with just white immigrant but with hard working contributing immigrants. Why is that so hard for Democrats/Liberals to understand?