Father Of Three Defends His Family With A Gun

Kentucky Man Defends His Family Against A Meth-Head

Earlier this week a Kentucky man was up late having had watched football and was locking up for the night when he noticed a shadow outside by his truck.

The man, Derek Thomas, sprang to action ready to defend his home and sleeping family. He grabbed his gun and ran outside barefoot to confront the potential threat to his family. He came upon a man later identified later as Matthew Conklin who was halfway into his truck.

“As I pulled my gun on him, I said (Thomas), ‘What the hell are you doing in my truck? Get out of my truck!’ and he crawled back out and basically tried to crawl around the back,” Thomas said. “He did stand up, but when I shot the gun two times, he went back to the ground and stayed good.”

Thomas then called for his wife to call the authorities and bring out the family dog, a 150lbs Great Dane named Tank to help guard Conklin. Thomas warned the man “You hear that? That’s my 150-pound dog, and I’m not chasing you, but if you run he’s going to catch you.'”

Police arrived and arrested Matthew Conklin who had $3,500 on him, some capped needles, heroin and some meth. Conklin tried to bribe the Officers with the money as he had a long history with the law but justice was served. Conklin was charged with drug trafficking, trespassing, and bribery.

The judge seeing Conklin’s long history explained the dangers of his current lifestyle:

“I’m afraid to let you out of jail because you may very well kill yourself,” Judge Sean Delahanty said Monday morning in court. “All you have to do is run into a bad batch of dope and you’re dead.”

In the end, Derek Thomas Protected his family and helped get a drug addict off the streets. He commented on the incident: “I work everyday hard for my money it makes me upset that you know someone is out here in my stuff, stealing my stuff.”