Disgraced Biden Official Faces the Music, And They Are Absolutely Humiliated….

It seems to us that the Biden administration is hiring folks without looking into their qualifications. Some of Joe’s top staff are horribly unqualified for their jobs, but because they are of a certain identity, they are praised by the media.

One of his deputy assistants appeared to be hired only because he was “non-binary.” A bald man with a mustache who wore women’s evening gowns. But the entire administration was humiliated when this man was arrested twice for stealing luggage at airports. And now, his biggest crime is landing him in hot water, once again.

From The Post Millennial:

35-year-old Sam Brinton, a biological male who identifies as non-binary and former deputy assistant secretary for spent fuel and waste disposal in Biden’s Office of Nuclear Energy, was arrested again this week for an alleged baggage theft dating back to 2018, when Brinton allegedly took a Tanzanian fashion designer’s luggage.

This is an odd one. Sam Brinton worked in Biden’s Office of Nuclear Energy. Call me crazy, but that sounds like a department that requires the very best and brightest. Instead, Biden hired a guy known for dressing like a woman and wearing makeup.

Sam Brinton soon became known for stealing women’s luggage at various airports across the country. He was outed when an African fashion designer, Asya Khamsin, proved Brinton stole some of her clothing.

These were custom-made dresses, one-of-a-kinds. And Sam was posting pictures of himself online wearing them!

So, not only is he a cross-dresser, but a kleptomaniac! He had already been arrested twice for baggage theft. Now he is being charged again for robbing this woman’s personal and very expensive clothing and other items.

Boy, Joe sure can pick ’em, huh? The administration fired Brinton, only after he was wanted by police. This is what happens when an administration places “identity” over integrity. I’m sure Brinton thought he could do whatever he wanted because he wore a dress.

That might have flown in the Biden administration, but not in the rest of the country.

But this is typical with Biden’s officials. They fail at their jobs daily, be it the State Department, the Department of Transportation, or the Pentagon. But they get away with these failures because they are the “right” race or sexual identity.