Dems Are In A Frenzy Over DeSantis Plan That Will Eliminate Their National Gerrymandering Scheme

Democrats are doing everything they can to limit the devastation that is expected in the upcoming midterm election. In states where they control the legislature, Democrats have been redrawing election districts to wipe out Republican seats.

This is why they are in a frenzy after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis proposed a new congressional map that creates four new Republican districts. The new map drawn by the governor’s staff would wipe out the Democrats’ national redistricting scheme.

NBC News reports:

DeSantis’ map would create 20 Republican seats and eight Democratic ones based on 2020 electoral data, according to Matthew Isbell, a leading Florida-based Democratic data consultant who analyzed the maps Wednesday evening. Florida’s congressional delegation consists of 16 Republicans and 11 Democrats in the House. The state was apportioned an additional House seat after the 2020 census.

Democrats are also freaking out because if the map is adopted they won’t have time to challenge it in court. The primaries for the November election begin in August leaving little time for it to go through the courts.

The Florida Governor has denied claims that he is gerrymandering and stated that he is eliminating a “200-mile gerrymander that divvies up people based on the color of their skin.”

“We are not going to have a 200-mile gerrymander that divvies up people based on the color of their skin,” DeSantis said during a news conference in Miami. “That is wrong. That’s not the way we’ve governed in the state of Florida. And obviously, that will be litigated.”

DeSantis is ready for a battle if Democrats try and stop his new map.

“Everything’s been done by our legal office and attorneys and all that,” he said. “I mean, the people that were involved will go and testify in front of the Legislature about the product that was created.”

Should the map get taken to court DeSantis is itching to show that the current congressional districts were unfairly drawn to give Democrats an edge.

NBC News