CNN Gets Expert To Mislead The Public About AR-15s

CNN Uses Gun Expert To Come Down On AR-15.

The AR-15 triggers Liberals. They seem to think that AR-15s are like the 20s Tommy guns. When they think about them they can’t see anything but machine guns and violent shootings. So, of course, CNN found the one man that works at a gun range that would help them sell their guns are dangerous narrative.

The AR-15 was intended to be an upgrade to the AR-10 and meant to be for the military use only. But originally the military was not that interested in the weapon. Years went by and the military finally signed on but they modified the weapon and dubbed it the M-16A1. It was upgraded numerous times until it became the M-16A4 and now the military has moved over to the lighter, more efficient M-4.

The reporter makes firing an AR-15 look painful. He has a rather stressed faced while he is firing. That and the instructor could have helped him in shouldering the rifle better.

Watch The Video Below.

His instructor Mark Hertling served in the army for 37 years but for some reason does not differentiate between an M-16 and an AR-15.  Hertling even goes on to say that guns are dangerous and claims to put the gun in full semi-automatic mode, which is the mode the gun is always in…

This weapon in the wrong hands can be more dangerous than most weapons, because of its capability, to do a lot of damage in a short period of time, and be irreversible.”

Hertling then goes on to say that people that buy the AR-15’s should be heavily trained as the weapon is more dangerous than other guns.

It sounds like CNN paid this military man to say things that fit the anti-gun agenda. All guns can be dangerous when they are used by those who are not trained. Most guns these days are semi-automatic unless you are using a revolver or an older weapon that requires munitions to be loaded upon each shot. So they work the same way every time you pull the trigger it fires a round. This CNN report is out to say that AR-15s are military weapons that are dangerous and cause as Hertling said irreversible damage. All guns when fired will create irreversible damage. A gun is only dangerous to those that don’t know how to handle them properly.