Church Massacre Hero Revealed And It Is A Liberal Nightmare.

Church Massacre Hero is More than Just A Random Good Samaritan.

It has been revealed that the Hero who fired upon shooter Devin Kelly as he was exiting the Church, and then pursued him in a car chase, is none other than NRA member Stephen Willeford. The Hero Willeford saved countless lives when he engaged Kelly. If not for his quick response who knows where the killer would have continued on and how many other people would have been killed in his Murderous Rampage.

Luckily for the people of Sutherland Springs Willeford was more than the average NRA member he was also a “Texas NRA Instructor.”

Willeford was armed with an AR-15 which leveled the playing field as Devin was also armed with an assault rifle. A fact that multiple media sources failed to mention for some odd reason.

A key point that the gun hating liberals need to hear is that the shooter had guns that he was not permitted to have, while the Hero in this story was fully licensed to carry. Even after police showed up he was asked to help cover the shooter because he was adequately armed and provided needed backup in this scenerio.

If Willeford had not been armed and present there is no telling how many lives could have been lost. If Liberals had their way Willeford would most likely have been just another victim in this story.

Watch The Hero’s Interview Below.

As Reported By Caleb Howe,

I mentioned earlier, when discussing the myth propagated by Shannon Watts, that the left’s obsession with fantasy prevents them from asking real questions that might actually make a difference in a situation like this terrible tragedy in Texas.

Did the background check system (NICS) fail somehow? Did someone in the chain of notification not obey the law? These are real questions that should be the subject of inquiry, as they would be in any non-gun situation.

Instead, the left spends their time pretending toddlers can buy AR15s from Walmart and that it’s easier to buy guns than groceries. Oh, and pretending that the NRA was to blame in Texas. Instead of the truth.

Which is that the NRA saved the day.