California’s Napa Valley Ravaged By 17 Wildfires.

Wildfires Reign Destruction Down On Napa Valley California.

California Wildfires are causing massive amounts of damage in the Napa Valley area. 15 people are dead and over 100 have been injured in Northern California. This Wildfire incident is being referred to as “The worst fire event in 25 years.”

There are currently 17 fires causing havoc. At least 20,000 people have been evacuated from the area and many will return to ashes. Firefighters are busy trying their best to put the fires out but it is an uphill battle. The winds have helped to spread the fire and prevent the Firefighter from being able to fully extinguish the fires.

Residential and commercial areas have been burned to the ground. Today it was reported that Paradise Ridge, Signorelli, and White Rock Vineyards have all been destroyed. Stag’s Leap, Darioush, Chimney Hill, and Williams Hill Vineyards have only been minorly damaged by the fires.

It is still unclear as to what started the fire and is always difficult to tell with widespread wildfires.

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Reported By Jade Scipioni, Fox News

Additionally, most of the grapes for this year’s harvest have already picked, so the fires will not have an impact on the wine supply, Cann says.

However, he says that several vineyards were ruined as a result of the fires, but in the long term, the region will be fine from a business perspective.

“I cannot speak to the personal loss of so many people and what the recovery process will be. So many people lost everything in minutes. The key message here is that the region will desperately need travel and visitors to support the local economy.”

Joe Anderson, co-founder of Benovia Winery in Santa Rosa, says while they have accounted for everyone on his team, his biggest fear is that some of his employees may have lost their homes in the process.