Bookstore Outraged They Can’t Sell Gay Themed Book To Children?!

Book Store Pulls Books From School Book Fair.

The school book fair is an opportunity for kids to check out new books that may not be available in the library. In many cases, it is an opportunity for a child to acquire his/her first book. A Book Fair is good for all parties involved, the book vendor gets some recognition and book sales, while the school benefits by having the students have a wider selection to choose from for books.

But there are some topics that should be left to parents, as opposed to a bookstore with a book about being openly gay. There is nothing wrong with sexual orientation themed books, but shouldn’t parents have the first crack at teaching their child kids sexuality. Furthermore is this really material for an elementary school?

Georgia’s Athen’s academy has requested that the bookstore, Avid Bookshop, pull the gay-themed book: “The Best Man,” from the book fair. In response to this Avid Bookshop has pulled all of its books claiming the school is being homophobic.

The Best Man,” written by Georgia Book Award nominee Richard Peck, addresses LGBT themes for young readers. The New York Times hailed the book’s “revolutionary” approach to “gayness.”

In what world is this an elementary school appropriate book.?

Watch The Video Below.

Several parents raised concerns over a book that contained situations they were not yet prepared to discuss with their young children, and a decision was made to remove the book to a more discreet location,” Head of School John Thornsen wrote on the school’s website.”

Avid Bookshop apparently has multiple employees that identify as LGBTQ and felt that this “censorship” was unacceptable.

Much of our staff identifies as queer or LGBTQIA+, and Avid Bookshop’s mission has always been one of inclusivity, kindness, and understanding.”

It seems to me that this Bookshop is trying to push their opinion onto a community and innocent children. Parents have every right to request that a book not be present due to it’s more mature content. They should get over themselves at that bookshop. This is not a case of discrimination. Kids don’t need to be burdened with social agendas and for those kids that are curious they can always visit the bookstore.