Black Lives Matter Boycotts White Owned Businesses For Christmas

Black Lives Matter (BLM) Boycotts White-Owned Businesses Claiming They Are Anti-Black

Black Lives Matter ‘the social movement’ is at it again this time with the intention of protesting white-owned businesses. The horrible thing that these businesses are being punished for that would deserve such an action is nothing more than the color of their skin. The thing that all Black Lives Matter members supposedly claim to fight against, Prejudice, is the one thing they are not only actively engaging in, but also hoping to spread amongst sympathizers. BLM is pushing for an Anti-White Christmas.

The LA branch tweeted this:

Everyone may have a right to their opinion, but it’s awfully racist to judge businesses solely by the color of the owner’s skin. BLM claims that white capitalism is against Blacks so therefore it is in retaliation that they boycott white-owned businesses.

This Anti-white sentiment is not new and BLM has been pushing for Black Xmas for a while, it just has not become a widespread event yet. During this black Xmas, BLM wants everyone to either buy from black vendors or donate to black charities. Business owners who are working to put food on the table and selling their wares to everyone regardless of race this Christmas are going to be punished by this racially divisive group. A punishment that resembles the actions of a hate group as opposed to a social movement. If anything this just goes to show who the true racists are in this situation.

This is not the first time BLM has been divisive during a holiday.

As Reported By Jeffrey Cawood,

“In order to get free as a collective, we have to think collectively,” said Abdullah. “It’s not enough for one person to draw profit because that also drains community. It needs to be structured around this idea of collective uplift.”

BLM has promoted Black Xmas every year since its founding, however many people remain unaware of its anti-capitalist motivations.

As Dr. Abdullah wrote in the Los Angeles Sentinel:

This call is fundamentally tied to Black Lives Matter’s mission to end state-sanctioned violence against Black people. We know that state-sanctioned violence is rooted in White-supremacist capitalism. Since its inception in 2013, Black Lives Matter has recognized the killing of Black people at the hands of the police as not simply a question of a few rogue officers, but a part of a system that is built on the backs of Black people. …we live under a system of White-supremacist capitalism that exploits Black people as workers and consumers and relies on the police state to secure and maintain its dominance.”

Previous Black Xmas demonstrations in MinneapolisSan Franciscoand L.A. resulted in activists blocking traffic near major airports during peak times of the holiday rush, inconveniencing many travelers. Last year, BLM-LA disrupted Christmas Eve brunch at the Trump National Golf Club in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. According to LAist, protesters “entered the dining hall and began singing ‘Protest Carols,’ or classic Christmas carols re-worded with mainly anti-Trump lyrics, to the patrons.”