Biden’s Reckless Comments Causes Employees At A Factory To Panic

Joe Biden made some reckless comments that caused panic at a factory in Pennsylvania.

Biden was trying to use victim politics when he claimed that locomotive company Wabtec was closing its doors. The company has a very close relationship with the community and when employees saw the Biden interview on TV they panicked. The president claimed the company was shutting down so he could push his high-speed rail initiative.

“I heard today there’s a locomotive plant thinking of shutting down here. I’m going to invest literally in high speed rail. I have a record on that. I’m the (inaudible). We’re going to create tens of thousands of good paying jobs,” Biden said.

In response, Wabtec immediately sent out a letter to all company employees letting them know that what Biden said was untrue. In the email, Wabtec wrote that they want to “set the record straight and let you know this statement is untrue.”

“We recently learned that during former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign rally in Erie this weekend he made an on-the-record comment that ‘a locomotive plant in Erie is thinking of shutting down,'” they said in the written statement. “We want to set the record straight and let you know this statement is untrue. This site and plant are an integral part of the business and our community. As Wabtec’s design and development hub, the Erie site is leading cutting-edge innovations like the battery locomotive, FDL Advantage, and advancing additive technology. Erie will continue to play a critical role in bringing these technologies, products and services to market.”

Erie News Now, the local station that conducted the interview claimed that Biden did correct himself after the interview however, did not air that portion of Biden’s comments to prove it. The news network then claimed Biden was confused and was referring to some layoffs that occurred in 2020. However, the full portion of the interview was posted online and Biden never corrected himself.

In early 2021, Wabtec did layoff 300 employees at their Erie plant, which reduced the total workforce at the factory to 1,200 workers.

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