Watch: Truck Driver Rips Joe Biden Exposes Product Shortages, ‘These Filthy Pigs Have…

A professional truck driver posted a video because he was frustrated that he couldn’t find oil for his truck.

The truck driver diverted twice to find oil so he could continue his route but was unsuccessful. The frustrated driver, who is a Trump supporter ripped Joe Biden and the Democrats comparing them to Cuba.

Truckers are already angry with Joe Biden about his vaccine mandate and have warned about more supply chain issues.

From Yahoo News:

American truck drivers who transport goods into Canada are frustrated by looming vaccine requirements, and some remain concerned the mandates could hinder the supply chain crisis.

Starting Jan. 15, 2022, Canada will require all “essential service providers, including truck drivers,” to be fully vaccinated upon entry into the country. Similarly, all truck drivers will also be required to be fully vaccinated to enter the U.S. one week later on Jan. 22.

Republicans on the Hill remain concerned that President Biden’s vaccine mandates could have negative impacts on the trucking industry and the supply chain crisis.

In a Wednesday roundtable with northern-border state truck drivers, Montana Republican Sen. Steve Daines said he thinks “these overreaching vaccine mandates will shutter Montana businesses and force Montanans out of work.”

“It’s going to hurt our Montana trucking businesses and make this inflation and supply chain crisis even worse,” he added.

While several of the trucking officials said they were seeing the vast majority of their drivers getting shots in their arms, they remain concerned the existing driver shortage could spell trouble if even a small portion of drivers fall from the line.

One trucking company that ships between California and Canada said that their drivers are all vaccinated but did so under protests.

“They weren’t real happy about it, but they said they still have to feed their families,” the official said.

What a shame, people have to get a medical procedure they don’t want just to feed their families and Joe Biden wonders why his approval numbers are in the dump.