Biden Tries To Pull A DeSantis In Puerto Rico But Ends Up Looking Like A Blockhead

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is a stud and is doing a great job handling the recovery efforts after hurricane Ian slammed into his state.

A video like the one below has Joe Biden very jealous.

So the White House decided to send President Biden to Puerto Rico where the recovery from a hurricane earlier this year has been slow.

Keep an eye on him while he walking across the lawn; he almost loses his footing. 


While speaking in Ponce, Puerto Rico, Biden pandered, claiming that he was raised by the Puerto Rican community in Delaware.

At one point, Joe became very interested in something on the ground 🤦‍♂️.

“Let me start off by saying that Jill and I — and thank you very much for that lovely introduction.  Jill and I are — we’re anxious to be here.  You know, we — I come from a little state — the little state of Delaware.  It’s not like the congresswoman from New York; she’s from a big state,” Biden said.

“But we have a very, in relative terms, large Puerto Rican population in Delaware — relative to our population,” the President claimed. “We have the eighth-largest Black population in the country.  And between all minorities, we have 20 percent of our state is minority.”

“And so I — I was sort of raised in the Puerto Rican community at home, politically.  And so, we — and we came here for a long time, both for business and pleasure, since you’re part of the Third Circuit Court of Appeals and Delaware is as well.  And I was chairman of the Judiciary Committee.  I spent a lot of time in the northern part of the state,” Biden pandered.