Ben Shapiro Destroys The “Racial bias cleansing for white people?” Debate [Video]

MTV has developed a 7-day racial bias cleanse aimed to ‘identify’ racism in young Millennials?

The leftist folks at MTV plan to obliterate racism with a 7-day cleanse, like a diet? The obvious propaganda is as ridiculous as it sounds.  Racism is an issue, not only in our nation but worldwide, and should be handled directly and through educating others. Just as Ben Shapiro points out in this segment.

We took the time to go through one of their surveys and found it painfully obvious that their ‘selections’ are baited and divisive. If you want to check it out for yourself click here. If you’re just here to watch Shapiro destroy Robert Zimmerman carry on, I think you’ll enjoy it.


As Reported By Anita Baddejo with BuzzFeed.

MTV is launching a new campaign to appeal to younger viewers by tapping into the issues affecting them right now: race, gender, and sexual identity, the network’s president, Stephen Friedman, told BuzzFeed.

The network’s new “Look Different” campaign — a combination of on-air and digital content, plus social media, which will be officially announced later today — is aimed to “accelerate [the] fight against racial, gender & LGBT inequality,” according to a press release.

“What [we’ve] found is that these issues are a little bit of a third rail and there’s not a place for people to have the dialogue,” Friedman told BuzzFeed. “Our audience feels really strongly about fairness and equality, yet they don’t even really have the language to talk about it or the forum.”

The “Look Different” campaign will roll out over the course of several years in three phases: The first will focus on racial bias, the second will focus on gender bias, and the third will focus on the anti-LGBT bias…

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