Ben Shapiro DESTROYS The Disgusting Media For ‘Fawning’ Over North Korea [Video]

Ben Shapiro DESTROYS The Disgusting Mainstream Media For ‘Fawning’ Over The North Korean Dictator’s sister at the Olympics.

To anyone who wasn’t born yesterday, the flattery mainstream media has showered over the North Korean Dictator’s sister while thrashing VP Mike Pence at the 2018 Winter Olympics, has been downright mind-boggling. Are they trying to help  Kim Yo-Jong complete the decades-old goal to reunite North and South Korea under the Kim regime or do they just hate the Trump-Pence administration this much?

The Winter Olympics kicked off over this past weekend and the media has spent more time commenting on the ‘grace’ shown by the North Korean people and criticising Pence for not standing for the North Korean anthem, than covering the actual event. Thank goodness a few others have noticed the warped story being spun by the media. Ben Shapiro, as well as the few actually paying attention,  put them all on blast. Take a look.


As Reported By Anothy L. Fisher with  NY Daily News:

Let’s get one thing out of the way: Vice President Mike Pence is not as bad as Kim Yo-Jong, Kim Jong Un’s sister. He is not the second in command of a regime presiding over a literal prison state which starves its people. Kim’s sister didn’t “win” any diplomatic battle simply by sitting behind Pence.

It’s amazing this needs to be said so plainly and unapologetically, but in light of both mainstream and progressive media’s hot take output following this weekend’s Winter Olympics opening ceremonies in Pyeongchang, South Korea, you could be forgiven for getting the impression that Pence and Kim Yo-Jong reside on the same moral plane. They don’t.

Kim serves the Stalinist regime as its “Deputy Director of Agitation and Propaganda,” and if the past few days have proven anything, she is effective in her position.

How else to explain headlines such as ThinkProgress’ “Despite Mike Pence’s Sabotage, North Korea’s ‘Charm Offensive’ Appears to be Working,” or The New York Times’ “Kim Jong Un’s Sister Turns on the Charm, Taking Pence’s Spotlight,” or Reuters’ tweet “North Korea judged winner of diplomatic gold at Olympics”?

By briefly side-eyeing Pence during the opening ceremonies, shaking hands with South Korea’s president, and otherwise not saying a word to the international media, the “Ivanka Trump of North Korea” (as The Washington Post, among others, have dubbed her) Kim Yo-Jong has been feted as the glamorous and attractive face of a peace-seeking country — in marked contrast to the dour and stodgy American veep.

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