Alex Jones: Another Conservative Under Attack As InfoWars Is Cut By Major Brands.

Alex Jones Is just the latest attempt to silence Conservatives.

InfoWars founder, Alex Jones is best known for his strong Conservative views and conspiracy theories that he shares on his YouTube channel and website. The founder now faces losing a major revenue stream as large name brand companies, like Nike, move to pull their ads from Conservatives sites, with Jones’ own site being on the top of their list.

Ads, as pesky as they may seem, are how sites pull in revenue to stay in operation- our site included. We don’t expect the absence of these brands on Alex’s sites to stop InfoWars in their tracks but it’s a sign of the times.


As Reported By BENJAMIN ARIE with Conservative Tribune:

When you think of the travel site Expedia or the shoe brand Nike, do you associate those products with Alex Jones?

It’s a safe bet that the answer is no, but that’s apparently what several companies are bizarrely afraid of, if the latest round of anti-right social media action is any sign.

“A number of the country’s major brands are pushing to remove their ads from YouTube channels for far-right website Infowars and its founder Alex Jones, saying they were unaware the ads were placed there,” The Hill explained.


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