Whoa: Deadly 70-Car Pile Up On Iowa’s Icy Roads [Video]

The Death Toll from Monday’s 70-car pile up is still on the rise. Authorities have released the time-lapse footage of the crash.

A horrific accident, caused by the deadly wintery condition, lead to a massive multi-vehicle collision In Iowa. Several people were rushed to nearby hospitals in critical condition. The department of transportation has released the following footage of the accident to the public.

The footage shows dozens of vehicles and semi-trucks sliding helplessly into each other on Iowa’s interstate 35. First responders from several agencies all rushed to get to the accident and get drivers to safety.

Watch- Be safe out there!

USA Today Reports-DES MOINES — Iowa authorities released video footage Tuesday of a major pileup Monday involving 50 to 70 cars, buses and semi-trucks on Interstate 35 that killed one person and injured at least five others.

A 17-year-old Avery Arneson and 13-year-old Aiden Arneson, sisters from Decorah, died a two-vehicle crash around 8:30 a.m. Monday on a county road in northeast Iowa. Four other teens were injured and hospitalized in that crash.

[Update] A ninth person has died as the result of multiple vehicle crashes that occurred on Monday as a winter storm blanketed parts of the state with up to 8 inches of snow.